What’s the title about, then?

When I was looking for a title for this blog, this wasn’t the first I came up with.  And then I came across a documentary on television about a great hero of mine, the singer-songwriter Johnny Cash, called ‘Half a mile a day’.  And that clicked.  The line comes from a song of his:

The road to Heaven doesn’t have a rapid transit plan
It’s one way with no changes goin’ to the promised land
But I believe that if I’ll heed the things He had to say
Even I might get to Heaven at a half a mile a day

The reason this seemed right to me was that I always say that my journey to Christ owes a great deal to three people; my Aunty Harriet, CS Lewis and Johnny Cash.

My Aunty Harriet was a Methodist Sunday School teacher; I wasn’t much of a Sunday School student as a child, but she bought me my first Bible and I remember Chapel visits with her.

CS Lewis – well, apart from ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ I never managed to read any of the other Narnia books, but his books of Christian Apologetics made a massive impact on me when I started exploring my faith.

And Johnny Cash – I was bought up with his music being a big presence in my family, but as a child it wasn’t really my choice, and it was as I grew older that I became a fan, of his religious music as well as his country stuff.  But it was his redemptive experience in Nickajack Cave that made me realise that the redemption offered by Jesus Christ is available to us all, no matter what our background and experience.

For a little more on the title, I offer you this post…



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