Half a mile a day…..

A good starting point in any blog is to let folks know where the blog name came from.

When I decided to write this blog. I’m not really one of the world’s great theologians – and even now after training I doubt I will be!  I wanted to come up with something that tried to get down on paper something fundamental about my journey to faith and my relationship with God.

And looked at Johnny Cash.  You’ll read more about him elsewhere in this blog, but Mr Cash has always been quite an inspiration for me, and I felt sure I could find something in his lyrics or writings that hit the spot.

So, what do you do at such a point? You grab the headphones and start listening to Johnny’s gospel songs, that’s what you do.

And eventually, I heard this…

“Lord, when I let You lead, I don’t make any speed
‘Cos I have to stop and touch the ones who need so much
And then sometimes others pull me off of Your narrow way
And by my mistakes I barely make a half a mile a day”

Yep – that sounds a bit like me. I try very hard to let God do the leading, with the best of intentions I stop and try to help, and then find myself being pulled away from the path by others (who often don’t mean to) and by my mistakes and my deliberate actions – I’m still at the point reputed to have been visited by St Augustine “Lord, deliver me from temptation, but not just yet.”

And with all that happens in my life, I hope that most days I do make half a mile a day, so to speak, towards Heaven. Some days I might actually make a bit more. Some days somewhat less. Some days, to my embarrassment and shame, I go backwards or take off along the scenic route that always seems to bring me back to where I am when I start.

We often say as Christians that we’re on a journey; the idea of a Greyhound bus or National Express coach to the Kingdom of God doesn’t totally fit my theology as I believe that the Kingdom is already here in tiny chunks – we just need to midwife it through in to the daily, mundane world. But I’m happy to go with the idea that building the Kingdom of God at half a mile a day, by half an hour’s effort a day, by acts of compassion each day and that does indeed bring us closer to the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God.

It’s not a fast trip:

But the road to Heaven doesn’t have a rapid transit plan
It’s one way with no changes goin’ to the promised land
But I believe that if I’ll heed the things He had to say
Even I might get to Heaven at a half a mile a day
Even I might get to Heaven at a half a mile a day

But we might still get there.


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