I recently preached on Isaiah 45:1-7 – where God anoints Cyrus – for Sunday Evening prayers, and was a little nervous about the sermon, which focused on how God works through unbelievers, and definitely felt that this was one of those times when I could do with a little guidance from above as to whether I was hitting the spot.

I’d felt that the spirit was with me when writing it, but I’m afraid that my faith sometimes slips a little and so I was a wee bit more nervous than usual when I turned up to the vestry to robe up.

Now, I’d like to remind you of the first part of my sermon:

In room 52 of the British Museum there is a barrel-shaped clay cylinder, dated around 538BC, about 9” long and 3” in diameter at it’s widest point – looking at pictures of it I’m reminded of a corn on the cob…

Imagine my surprise when I turned on the light and saw, on the top of a filing cabinet next to the door,…a plastic toy corn-cob.

Suffice to say that surprise was replaced by joy and my faith was restored. The corn cob joined me at the lectern as a visual aid.

Coincidence? A small sign?

I like the word coined by someone in an online forum to describe this event – Godincidence.  God being incident on our lives in a way that even I can see.