Godincidence strikes again

OK – I’m a slacker.

I have been terrible in recent years at writing.  I’m now licensed, and am gradually picking myself up and starting to dedicate a chunk of time each day to sitting down and writing.  And today is Day One.

I was not surprised at the election of President-elect Donald Trump in the US this week. I’m afraid that I’ve been expecting it since the Brexit result, and right now is a ‘the sky is falling’ moment for many people that I know.  For me, I’m not entirely sure.  The man appears to have some serious lacks of character and probity; I’m not sure I can judge a fellow man, and I’m sure that what I personally think of him won’t change the way the world turns by an iota.

But I was intrigued to see a number of posts appear in social media casting Trump as a new King Cyrus for our age.  You remember King Cyrus? He was the chap that I preached on here about how God uses unbelievers to further His plans. I had a rather strange experience prior to preaching that sermon, which I mention in this blog post.

Which happened to be posted on 11th November, 2014.

And I started writing this one – by pure coincidence – on 11th November 2016.

All is possible in the world; I’m no apologist for Trump and his reported actions have not been good, and I can understand why many, many people are scared of what happens next. Were I an American of colour, gay, muslim, gender fluid – I would be nervous.  As it is I’m concerned about his environmental policies, but feel that he will be less of a risk to world peace than his opponent.  I may be wrong; I’m no analyst.

But we need to wait and see what happens; will Trump return those who feel alienated and disenfranchised to the heart of US political society? Will this be his ‘Cyrus act’ where he returns America to ALL of her citizens, including those who have felt exiled from power and influence for possibly decades? And will he then be wise enough to stop the creation of new exiles?

I hope so.

I like to think that Godincidence is telling me that all will be OK.